Our window to K-Town

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If you’ve driven by the space within the last few days, you probably noticed a dramatic change to the facade – as in, it’s missing… the old ’60s ugly building facade look is gone and will be replaced over the next two weeks or so by something much more in tune with a historic downtown Kenosha. It is really going to be a facelift.

RRBC Building with the old facade torn down
RRBC sans '60s ugly-building-facade look

Oh yes, and that strapping young lad in the photo is Carmelo – fantastic guy on our landlord’s crew who has made so many things possible already. In a short bit, you might want to catch him at our bar and share a beer with him.


From the ground up

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These past two weeks, the Wizards of Concrete of Waukesha, WI have been hard at work finishing the floor of our space. It’s an amazing slate texture, stained and sealed to create one of the most unique floors I’ve ever seen.