Grand Opening Press Release

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Get some more skinny on the Grand Opening!

Official Grand Opening Press Release


Grand Opening Weekend Announced – Friday, June 22!

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Please come down and join us sometime over the weekend of Friday, June 22 through Sunday, June 24 for our official public Grand Opening! Hope to see you there!

Grand Opening - Friday, June 22 4PM to close - Saturday, June 23 11AM to close - Sunday, June 24 11AM to 5PM
Beginning Friday, June 22, 2012, Rustic Road Brewing Company is open! Come and visit us!


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The pace down at the brewery has quickened dramatically. We had a very exciting Memorial Day weekend setting up and testing a good portion of the equipment. A few 18 hour days later, we have made some serious progress.

Expect some wonderful biscuity aromas to waft down 56th Ave over the next few weeks as we ferment some grains!

Meet our Operations Manager, Mr. Alex Boyd!

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Keg Killer, Alex Boyd
Alex Boyd (AKA “Keg Killer”)

Beer enthusiast, professional cook, mixologist, foodie, musician….put all those together and you have me, Alex Boyd.  I’ve always had a passion for craft beer which was only amplified upon meeting Greg.  I have my culinary arts degree from Illinois Institute of Arts in Chicago.  It is there that I was able to develop my passion for fine food, wine, spirits, and of course beer.  After my time there I did a short tour of duty in the fine dining world of downtown Chicago.  I then decided to pursue my bachelor’s in Food Service Management at Kendall College.  While studying there I spent those years working for a fine wine shop in the West Loop of Chicago.

This long and twisting road has now brought me to Kenosha.  Working alongside Greg, I look forward to offering our quality Wisconsin ales to this thriving community.


Why are we here?

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This is not really meant as an existential question, but more along the lines of, “Who is Rustic Road Brewing Company, why are they doing it now, and why are they doing this in Kenosha?” Let’s tackle one at a time…

Who is Rustic Road Brewing Company?

Greg York of Rustic Road Brewing Company
Beer Maker

Hi, I’m Greg. I’m a home brewer, and have been for a long time. My first beer was an American Cream Ale, and it was good. So good that I made more beer. Not all of my batches were good though. In fact, some were so bad I poured them down the drain. One of my first batches got really interesting when the glass thermometer broke in the wort. Mmmm, crunchy beer.

However, some were so good, friends and their friends begged for more, and that was nice. Some were good enough to win multiple awards at home brew competitions, including a Saison that won Best in Category at the Wisconsin State Fair.

Why Now?

In October of 2010, I formally decided to pursue my dream of starting a commercial brewery, after many years of just tossing the idea around from time to time. I had decided that life is sometimes shorter than we expect, and chasing a dream is important to do while you still have enough energy. In addition to these and other personal reasons, the timing is right. The tastes for beer in the United States have evolved a lot over the past several decades, and the 2000s have marked a turning point. In addition to the larger community forming around craft beers, Wisconsin especially has become a crucial development “hub” for new and innovative brewing in the Midwest. Plainly put, the timing is right!

Why Kenosha?

Kenosha has a beautiful lake front, an evolving downtown, a good base for supporting local businesses, a vibrant and diverse population, and the desire to reclaim its rightful place as an economic center and tourist destination in southeast Wisconsin. I looked all over southeast Wisconsin and northeast Illinois before settling on Kenosha. It’s the right place to be and the right community to be a part of!

Keep on Keepin’ On

Our construction is almost finished, and our doors will be open soon. We’ll have a spot waiting for you at the bar for you where we’d like to hear your story about K-Town. In the meantime, we’ll keep sharing construction updates and a little more about ourselves as we go along. Cheers!

Our window to K-Town

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If you’ve driven by the space within the last few days, you probably noticed a dramatic change to the facade – as in, it’s missing… the old ’60s ugly building facade look is gone and will be replaced over the next two weeks or so by something much more in tune with a historic downtown Kenosha. It is really going to be a facelift.

RRBC Building with the old facade torn down
RRBC sans '60s ugly-building-facade look

Oh yes, and that strapping young lad in the photo is Carmelo – fantastic guy on our landlord’s crew who has made so many things possible already. In a short bit, you might want to catch him at our bar and share a beer with him.

Onward and upward!

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Floors are finished. The interior walls are going up this week, and next week begins the second phase of plumbing and the electrical work. Photos of construction progress will begin to appear here soon.

Beginning the week after next, we’ll begin moving in our equipment from the storage area a block away. There’s a lot to move by now!

The facade makeover will start in a couple of weeks, which will be the most visible signs of progress to outside observers. The new facade is going to be fantastic!